Food Stories

Humane meat production-
In a series of legislative acts and executive orders dating back to 1978, Switzerland has mandated that producers accommodate the needs of animals for such things as living space, access to outdoors, natural light and limit the size of herds and flocks. The European Union as begun the same process but it is still voluntary. Intensively farmed meat still continues in every other country in the world.

Cheese as artifacts:
Behind every cheese there is a pasture of a different green under a different sky; meadows encrusted with the salt that the tides of Normandy deposit every morning; meadows perfumed with aromas in the windy sunlight of Provence; there are different herds, with their shelters and their movements across the countryside; there are secret methods handed down over the centuries.
Italo Calvino 1983

OSSAU-IRATY (semi hard sheep's milk cheese)
France - AOC 1980
Ossau-Iraty is made exclusively from the milk of the indigenous red and black faced Manech ewes between December and July. Ossau-Iraty is matured for at least six months and has a dense, semi hard texture and nutty, slightly sweet lingering flavours.

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