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Bezela Foodstore stocks a range of free range smallgoods, cheese and antipasto which may change on a daily basis. Our produce is often seasonal or sourced from smaller producers so if there is something you particularly want call us before you come in.

Free Range Smallgoods - Barossa Fine Foods
  • Hungarian Salami -  A salami in a white casing with cracked pepper and tokay.
  • Spanish Salami - Strong flavoured salami with chilli, peppers, wine and cracked pepper. Smoked, fermented and heat treated.
  • French Salami - French style air dried salami. Pure Pork with cracked pepper.
  • German Salami - Pork and Beef with mustard seeds and pepper. fermented, smoked and heat treated.
  • Kangaroo Salami - The ingredients of this product have been kept simple to show off the well rounded flavour with a gamey edge.
  • Chorizo - Using the spanish spices of chilli, garlic and cumin, this has been smoked and cooked so it is generous in flavour with the characteristic oilyness.
  • Twiggy Sticks - Smoked and baked pork sausage with maple syrup and pepper. Mild tasting addictive snack.
  • Smoked Cabana - A smoked and baked coarsely ground beef and pork sausage in natural casing. Minimally processed with a rustic seasoning. 
  • Blackforest Ham - Full muscle smoked leg ham coated in paprika and garlic, rindless and fat removed.
  • Single Muscle Ham - From Barossa farm's smoked and cooked hams, they have removed the 3 best primals which can be machine sliced with an off the bone flavour.
  • Short Bacon - Rindless short bacon using a traditional brine mix with a milder salt and beechwood smoke character.
  • Pancetta - Dry salted rindless pork belly dried and cold smoked and heat treated. Great balanced flavour, fabulous in cooking and salads.
  • Pariser - a fine ground meat seasoned with ginger and pepper.
  • Barossa Babes - half kilo pork salami in a pig shape. 
  • Wagyu Roast Beef - 100% Wagyu Beef primal, traditionally cured cold smoked and heat treated giving an unbelievable rich beef flavour.
  • Roast Turkey - Delicious tender roast turkey roll for sandwiches
  • Roast Lamb - Roast Lmab seasoned with Herbs de Provence. 
Free Range Smallgoods - Saskia Beer's Black Pig
  • Chorizo - made with the meat of Saskia Beer's Black Pigs, these Chorizos are full of flavour and balanced with the right amount of spices to achieve a truly exceptional product
Free Range Spanish Jamon Iberico - after roaming the spanish hills, these pigs are then hung up to dry for 17 months achieving the most amazing nutty, sweet and tender Jamon Iberico.

Free Range Wagyu Beef Salami - this wagyu beef salami come in the shape of a leg of proscuitto and wonderful on an antipasto plate or as a starter on its own.

Free Range Smallgoods from Moovan Cow - sourced from local farmers market, Moovan Cow supplies Proscuitto, Sopressa and Round Pancetta made from happy pigs from Gippsland.
Local and Imported Cheeses-
(We can order almost any cheese you would like, just give us 24 hours notice)
Swiss Gruyere - one of the best melting cheese around, this is made from cow's milk and has a mild sweet, nutty flavour.
Gruyere Vieux - Matured in caves, this Gruyere is much older and stronger and is more of a table cheese.
Pecorino Romano - Made from sheep's milk and imported from Italy, this cheese is quite salty and is therefore used alot in cooking. For those who have a saltier palate than most, this is also a delicious cheese to eat on its own.
Parmiggiano Reggiano - The king of cheeses. Aged for 36 months minimum, this is the finest of its type. Surprisingly - this cheese eaten with a glass of Champagne is one of the best wine and cheese matches around.
Grana Padano - Milder than the reggiano, this is a great cheese to add to your meals. 
Jarlsberg - Swiss cow's milk cheese - mild with a classic swiss taste. Great in sandwiches.
Dorset Cheddar - A creamy cheddar from England, this is sharp and has great lingering flavours.
Pyengana Cheddar - A truly elegant cheese made from cow's milk and matured in cloth in Tasmania, this is one of Australia's best.   
Ossau - Iraty - Sheeps milk cheese from France, this is a semi hard mild nutty cheese that is wonderful on a cheese plate.
Ash Pecorino - Only available for a limited time, this cheese made from Sheep's milk in Italy and rolled in ash. Strong and definitely worth experiencing.
Cacio di Bosco Truffle cheese - Imported from Italy and made with sheep's milk, the truffles in this cheese really lift it to make it something very special. Aromatic and wonderful. 
Gorgonzola Dolce - Mild blue from Italy - this is incredibly good at the moment. So smooth and creamy and fantastic melted on top of a steak or stirred through pasta or gnocchi.
Gorgonzola Piccante - Strong blue from Italy - excellent table cheese. Mature and a firmer texture than the Dolce making it a fantastic addition to salads.
Tarwin Blue - A rich creamy cow's milk blue from the Gippsland region in Victoria. 
Chevre D'argental - Rich and creamy white mould goats cheese from France. This is superb.
Brique d'affinois -White mould cow's milk cheese from France, Daffinois smooth, rich and creamy and loved by all.
Taleggio - A washed rind cheese that has been matured in the caves of Italy, this is a beautifully strong soft table cheese and is great in cooking.
Calendar Marinated Goat and Sheeps milk feta - Developed by Will Studd, this is sheep and goats milk to get the flavour of the goat and the creaminess of the sheep. Wonderful in salads or with crispy Lavosh or on toast. 
Mascarpone - Imported from Italy - your tiramisu needs this.
Grandorge Petit Camembert - Perfect for one or two - these beautiful little camemberts are ready to eat. Their delicate rind is perfect for their soft gooey centres.
180 acres salted butter - A local butter made from quality milk. 

Semi Dried Zucchini
Sicilian Olives
Semi-Dried Tomatoes
Tarago Semi Dried Black Olives
Marinated White Anchovies
Marinated Feta
Pickled Onions
Preserved lemons
Tarago Green Olives
Tarago Black Olives
Tarago Wild Olives
Mount Zero Ligurian Olives
Mount Zero Kalamata Olives
Vegetarian Dolmades

Dips -
Basil Pesto 

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